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Hello Booshies!

July Vacation Care – Information for those attending

We are so excited to welcome families to Vacation Care at BOOSH. We have so many amazing activities and events planned.

Remember as always – your child must have enough food for Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon tea as BOOSH does not provide food during Vacation Care. Your child should also always have a hat, a water bottle, and clothing that is appropriate for the day’s weather and activities.

If you are attending excursions, please take note of the specific arrival times. The bus cannot wait for children who arrive late.

Programming Snapshot

We are proud of the food provided at Boosh and in the last 2 weeks our menu has contained foods such as; tacos, dahl, roast vegetables, banana bread, cous cous and bacon & eggs. We aim to provide a balanced and nutritious menu that also incorporates children’s preferences and culture, please let staff know if you have suggestions or encourage your children to make recommendations (menu items are often chosen from the suggestion book accessible at the sign-in desk).

Football (soccer) remains one of the most popular activities with everyone making up for their weekend sport washouts by playing daily Boosh games. Adding to this popularity is the addition of new goals, and excitement watching the Euros tournament.

Kids have invented a new variation of dodgeball that sees them constructing elaborate bases on each side and using complex strategies to protect their team’s doctor.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Any families with a child who attends Boosh and participates in an extra-curricular activity during their BOOSH Sessions are required to have filled in an Extra-Curricular Activities form and submitted this to Boosh. The form can be completed here: please update this form with any changes to extra-curricular activities going into Term 3.

If your child is booked for Arts and Craft, and we have not been notified we will not be aware that they will be a late sign in. Any child that is not signed in at 3:25 pm must be located. If a family has failed to notify of an absence or late arrival you will be charged a Non-Notification of Absence fee.

Brad and the Boosh Team

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