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BOOSH Educators play a crucial role in the development and well-being of the children under our care. We provide a safe and supportive environment where children can engage in various activities, fostering their physical, emotional, and social development. The educators influence extends beyond academics, as we nurture a sense of belonging and self-confidence in children, shaping and enhancing their creativity, cognitive skills, and problem-solving abilities preparing them for future challenges.

Qualified educators who have roles in the management team posses strong educational backgrounds including specialised training in areas such as educational development, special needs support, and behaviour engagement. These qualifications translate into a comprehensive understanding of pedagogy, curriculum development, and individualised learning strategies.  Members of the management team also have previous experience and qualifications in finance, business management and human resources which is crucial for the smooth operation of the business and contributes to the sustainable growth and success of our educational service.

All staff have Working With Children clearance and are qualified to provide emergency first aid in an education and care setting, which includes management of Asthma and Anaphylaxis.

Please feel free to discuss with the director or staff any additional needs or interests that you would like to see catered or programmed for at the centre.

Executive Staff

Melissa Fyfe – Director (On maternity leave until 2026)

Mel started at BOOSH as an Educator in 2013 and took on the Director role in 2015. With a previous career in accounting, audit and business administration and qualifications in both accounting and education Mel not only understands the nuances of early education but also appreciates the importance of sound financial management ensuring BOOSH maintains a high educational standard, and promotes a positive organisational culture. With a genuine passion for mentoring children and educators, Mel inspires a love for learning while fostering a strong foundation for both personal and academic growth. Mel focusses on the quality and dedication of her team and supports them to provide a fun, safe, happy, and stimulating environment where each child’s individual learning and care needs are met.

Bradley Green – Relieving Director

Brad joined The BOOSH Centre as an educator in 2017 and in January 2021 he stepped up into the role of Assistant Director whilst also starting a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. Brad is responsible for assisting the Director with the overall operation of The BOOSH Centre. He works cooperatively and professionally as a member of a team in order to provide a high quality program for all children in the service. Brad works to embed best practice policies and procedures at the service while supporting educators, children and families at the service. He is passionate about the role of play in children’s learning and is a strong mentor for our team of Educators. He is looking forward to taking on the challenging role of Director!

Astrid Rath – Assistant Director

Astrid joined the BOOSH team in June 2014 and quickly became a highly valued member of the organisation. Astrid brings with her a background in human resources and assists the Director with the overall compliance of the centre. Astrid ensures BOOSH adheres to all regulatory requirements and industry standards through proactive and diligent monitoring and procedures. Astrid plays a crucial role in ensuring the business runs smoothly and prioritises the well-bring and development of children in our care.

Andrew Mackertich – Assistant Director

Andrew, known as ‘Mac’ has been an educator for 8 years and has also run several successful business one of which supplied sustainable craft packs to OOSH’s all over Australia. He is looking forward to getting to know children, families and educators and brings a wealth of business and OOSH experience with him. Mac’s focus is on encouraging children to get involved in hands on activities and team games and inspiring other educators. In his spare time he loves playing and watching soccer, gaming on his playstation and eating pizza!

Dharani Tankala – Educational Leader

Dharani started her OOSH journey as an educator in 2014 and has been an Assistant Director for the past 4 years. Her previous experience in programming and a passion for working with children has inspired her to become an educational leader.  In her role she promotes the creativity, critical thinking and social skills of the children at the centre. She leads the team of educators through continuous reflection and provides curriculum direction and guidance. She ensures that children’s learning and development is guided by the learning outcomes of the approved national learning framework My Time Our Place.

Angela Camilleri – Senior Educator

Angela was previously at BOOSH as Assistant Coordinator and rejoined our team in July 2022. Angela has a passion for working with children and providing a high level of support and care for both children and educators. The Educational Leader is responsible for ensuring that the service fosters positive outcomes for children and families; enhancing, motivating, affirming, challenging and expanding the teaching methods and strategies of the Educators and other staff within the service. The role mentors, guides and supports the educators to embrace inquiry and reflection; continuous learning; and professional growth.

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