Beecroft Out Of School Hours

Fee Information

Before School Care

The BOOSH Centre operates from 7:00am – 9:25am:

    • $14.00  Sign in between 7:00am – 8:55am

After School Care

The BOOSH Centre operates from 3:25pm – 6:30pm:

  • $19.00   Sign out and pick up no later than 6:30pm

Staff Development Days

  • $45.00   Sign in and out between 8:00am – 6:00pm

School Holidays/Vacation Care

  • $45.00   Sign in and out between 8:00am – 6:00pm

There may be additional cost for incursions or excursions and these are listed on the Vacation Care program.


Non-Notification of Absence Fee
A non-notification of absence fee will be charged for administration time of locating children who are scheduled to attend the afternoon session at The BOOSH Centre but have been collected prior to sign in (3:25pm) or are not attending their session for any other reason, without prior notification to The BOOSH Centre of their absence. This fee is set at 50% of the afternoon session cost in addition to the afternoon fee. The fee is charged per child. Parents must notify The BOOSH Centre prior to 3:25pm on the day of the scheduled afternoon session if their child will not be attending.


WaitList Fee
A non-refundable waitlist fee of $15 per family is to be paid to join the waitlist. This fee only needs to be paid once to secure the families position on the waitlist.


Membership Fee
A non-refundable membership fee of $15 per family is payable annually to cover the administration costs of enrolment and re-enrolment. If the child receives care in the same calendar year as when the waitlist fee was paid, a membership fee is not required for that calendar year.


Cancellation or changes

  • If parents wish to cancel their child’s enrolment at The BOOSH Centre, they are required to provide TWO (2) WEEK’S notice in writing in order to have fees waived. Failure to do so will result in full fees being charged or bond withheld.
  • If parents wish to change their child’s bookings or advise of a future absence at The BOOSH Centre during school term, they are required to provide TWO (2) WEEK’S notice via phone or email in order to have fees waived. Failure to do so will result in full fees being charged or bond withheld. A maximum of 20 sessions can be canceled without charge per child per calendar year. An afternoon OR a morning is considered ONE session.
  • Families can suspend their session(s) for the duration of a term. To suspend sessions families must apply in writing by the end of week 5 of the previous term for administration and processing. This will allow the centre to offer these sessions as temporary bookings to families on the waitlist.
  • Vacation care days are booked through the online booking system; My Family Lounge. Once booked, cancellations to vacation care days are not accepted. Cancellation of vacation care days will incur the vacation care daily fee as well as any incursion or excursion costs for the day. If a parent wishes to ADD additional days at a later date, this is also done through My Family Lounge and is subject to availability
  • Please see the Director to make any alternative arrangements.


Direct Debit/Credit Fees

Statements are issued every fortnight on the Wednesday and the fees are deducted 2 days later on the Friday.
Direct Debit (Bank Account) – $0.88 per transaction
Direct Credit (Credit Card) – Visa/Mastercard 1.87% of the transaction, Amex/Diners 4.4% of the transaction
Families can change/update their chosen payemnt method/details by completing a new direct debit authorisation from and uploading it into their child’s enrolment form.


Late Payment Fees

Parents must notify The BOOSH Centre if they foresee any difficulty in paying fees and make a suitable arrangement for payment of fees before the fees become overdue.

If no previous arrangements have been made regarding overdue fee the centre will follow the following procedure:
One Week Overdue If one week after statements are issued the account remains unpaid, or has only received a part payment, a reminder statement will be issued via email.
10 Days Overdue If by next statement issue date (2 weeks after the original statement was issued) the account is still not paid in full, a late payment fee, 10% of the outstanding fees, will be added to the account.
After 4 weeks overdue If no arrangements have been made to pay the fees, or the agreement made has not been kept, the child’s place at The BOOSH Centre may be cancelled.

If the above procedures are not effective the Approved Provider will reserve the right to employ the services of a debt collector and the family will be responsible for all fees associated with recovering the debt.


Late Pick-Up Fees

Children must be collected from the centre by the advertised closing time. Staff will attempt to contact by phone families of any children still at the centre 5minutes prior to the advertised closing time.

For children collected after the advertised closing time the following fees will be charged:

  • $10.00 – every 10 Minutes or part thereof

The Child Protection Act states that, if a child is not picked up 30 minutes after closing time, The BOOSH Centre staff member must take the child to the nearest Police Station.

Three late pick-ups in one calendar year may lead to the child’s exclusion from the centre.


Contact us:

Phone: (02) 9980 8224