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Re-Enrolment for Current Families

Re-enrolment forms for currently enrolled families with Permanent bookings will be collected and submitted at The BOOSH Centre Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The date of the AGM will be determined by the Centre Coordinator, and all parents will be given 4 weeks’ notice of this date through the Beecroft Primary School newsletter and via email.

All families with Permanent bookings at The BOOSH Centre are required to have a representative attend the AGM to collect and submit the re-enrolment form. Families must review contact and emergency details yearly to ensure records at The BOOSH Centre remain current. Yearly reviews of Medical Risk Management plans will also be conducted during re-enrolment at the AGM. If there are any changes to your child’s Medical or Health details please provide the necessary information to the centre, including updated Asthma or Anaphylaxis action plans if applicable, as soon as changes occur.

If fees are outstanding at the AGM The BOOSH Centre reserves the right to cancel any current bookings the family holds.

Families with no permanent bookings but who only use Casual bookings will be emailed instructions on re-enrolment in Term 4 of each term. These families, while welcome to attend the AGM, are not required to attend to complete re-enrolment.

The annual Membership Fee is due in the first term of the new school year. All families who wish to have continued access to use The BOOSH Centre must pay the annual membership fee. The fee will appear on your statement at the beginning of the term.

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