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Our Weekly Program

Our Weekly Program

The BOOSH Centre implements programmed activities that support the development of children according to their interests in a relaxed and nurturing environment. We foster confidence, self-esteem and independence by meeting the needs of individuals and encouraging children to express feelings and to form close relationships with peers and staff in an inclusive environment.

All children are unique. We strive to provide children with opportunities to discover, grow and play in our care. Our program encourages children to participate in choices made about and for their learning and development.

The weekly program is displayed inside The BOOSH Centre and here on our website.

The program is reflected and based on the children’s voices and interests. Each child’s knowledge is valued and can be used as a tool for enhancing the learning experiences for children. Our programming team meets every week where observations, evaluations and children’s voices are collated and children’s learning is planned and extended for the coming week.

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