Beecroft Out Of School Hours

Our Philosophy

At the BOOSH Centre we are committed to creating a ‘home away from home’ for our children and families by providing a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment where they can engage with their peers and learn though play and leisure activities. Our Team is dedicated to ensuring the children in our care feel safe, secure and supported by engaging in positive, meaningful interactions and relationships. We develop a program that promotes a balance of structured and unstructured experiences that are based on the interests, abilities and individual needs of each child. Through these practises we always strive to ensure our children are enabled to have fun and be happy. Our Philosophy guides our everyday practice to meet the needs of the children, their families, and the community.

We believe that a child’s primary place of learning is in the home and our role is to create an environment that compliments this learning. Our goal is to achieve this through strong partnerships with families developed by our educators being approachable and respectful and fostering open and communicative relationships. We seek to meet the needs and interests of each family and work alongside them to achieve high quality care for each child.

Our team creates a safe and inclusive environment for all children and we have a commitment to developing intentional, respectful, and reciprocal relationships. Our educators recognise the importance of positive role modelling and working together in a cohesive team to provide a quality service and a safe and supportive community for each other and the children. Educators have unique strengths, talents, and interests which they share with the children through interest clubs while also supporting children in their learning through planned activities and enabling spontaneous play. We, as educators, aim for on-going self-improvement through our commitment to reflective practices, engaging in critical reflection to inform practice, and professional development.

Our program follows the Learning Framework for School Age Children; My Time, Our Place (MTOP). We recognise our unique situation in outside of school hours’ care as an opportunity to focus on life skills, social and emotional development and physical wellbeing of the children through Play and Leisure based learning. An ongoing cycle of programming, planning and evaluation is implemented to ensure we are responding to the children’s emerging interests and abilities and to continuously improve our program and practice. We strive to provide an environment where children resource their own learning and have control and choice in their engagement with the program. Children’s voices are valued and play an important role in the development of our program putting each child at the forefront of decision making.

Updated May 2021

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