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Our Philosophy

Children in their early to middle childhood are in a fundamental phase of their development where the experiences they are exposed to in formal care environments contribute significantly to their overall development. At The BOOSH Centre we are committed to creating a ‘home away from home’ for our children and their families through the development of respectful and reciprocal relationships. We are dedicated to ensuring that the children who attend our service have access to a high quality care environment, meaningful educational experiences and well-being support. This is achieved through Educators providing a fun, safe, happy and stimulating environment where each child’s individual learning and care needs are met. We focus on implementing best practice in all areas of our service and we achieve this through our commitment to critical reflection and continuous improvement. Our Philosophy guides our everyday practice to meet the needs of the children, their families and the community.

In respect of:

Our core commitment is to our children and to provide them with an inclusive environment where they can engage with their peers. Children are involved in development of the programmed activities in which they participate whilst feeling and being safe and secure. We create a sense of belonging amongst our children where they feel valued, supported and respected. This is achieved through the development of meaningful relationships and the value that is placed on ensuring that children’s voices are heard within the service. Most important of all, our children are able to have fun and feel happy!

Our program is based on the principles of Play and Leisure based learning, the development of life skills, the importance of social and emotional development and the development of a physical and healthy lifestyle. Our program follows the Principles, Practices and Outcomes of the My Time, our Place Learning Framework. This is achieved through a program that promotes a balance of structured and unstructured experiences that are based on the interests, abilities and individual needs of each child. We provide an environment where children can resource their own learning giving them control and choice in their engagement with the program. Our Program encompasses all children’s voices through evaluations and observations as well as ideas and suggestions directly from the children. We implement an ongoing cycle of programming, planning and evaluation to ensure that we are responding to the children’s emerging interests and abilities.

Our educators provide a safe and inclusive environment for all children and have a commitment to develop balanced and respectful relationships. Our educators are intentional in their interactions with children and their families. We promote positive behaviours amongst our children and their interactions with one another. Our educators recognise the importance of positive role modelling and work together in a cohesive team to provide a quality service that creates a safe and supportive community. Furthermore, as a team we are committed to ongoing learning and professional development.

Educators at The BOOSH Centre are approachable and respectful fostering open and communicative relationships with all families that promote the sharing of information relating to their children. We acknowledge that a child’s primary place of learning is in the home and our role is to create an environment that compliments this learning. Families play a valuable role in the effective operation of the centre. Interaction and engagement between families is further encouraged through involvement with the Parent Management Committee.

The Community
Our core role within the community is to provide local families with quality care for their children. We work closely with Beecroft Public School teachers and administrators as well as other school based organisations such as school bands and Arts and Crafts activities. This ensures that children and families develop a sense of connection between the service and the school community. Furthermore, we continue to build relationships and develop connections between the service, the wider community and relevant community services and organisations.

Updated October 2018

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