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Joining the Waitlist and New Enrolments

How can I can I join the waitlist at The BOOSH Centre?

Families wishing to join The BOOSH Centre must complete a Waitlist Form, which is available under Forms & Factsheets on our website. Families must also pay the Waitlist Fee of $15 by bank transfer. Children must be enrolled at Beecroft Primary School (BPS) school before they can join the waitlist. Families who are joining BPS in the next school year can join the waitlist after their Kindy Orientation in September.. Further information is given to families at Kindy Orientation.

If you have any questions please contact the Centre Coordinator via phone or email. The Priority of Access policy is also available from which you can from our website.

What is the process of enrolment once a position is offered?

New families offered enrolment at The BOOSH Centre are required to complete an online enrolment form for each school age child. This enrolment form must be submitted online and then printed, signed and returned to the centre. Families must also pay the annual Membership Fee and Bond before their child can attend the service. Enrolment at the centre is in line with the centre’s Priority of Access Policy.


For information on Fees please click here.

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