Beecroft Out Of School Hours

Payment Information

Fees are to be paid fortnightly at least two weeks in advance unless a separate written arrangement has been agreed to by The BOOSH Centre.

Fees are to be paid for the days the child is booked into the centre, including times when the child is absent due to unforeseen illness or any other activity, unless the child is excluded on the grounds of a communicable disease or serious accident/injury.

An updated statement of fees will be sent automatically every fortnight via email. Families may request an updated statement anytime there has been a major change to a booking. Families must ensure their email registered at The BOOSH Centre is up to date and notify the centre immediately if they do not receive their statement of fees.

Any families wishing to enrol or re-enrol will be required to be registered for direct debit/credit for payment of Fees before enrolment/re-enrolment can be completed. Families can change their direct debit/credit account at any time by completing a new Direct Debit/Credit Request Form and supplying this to The BOOSH Centre or updating their details in their online enrolment form. Families can cancel their direct debit/credit once enrolment at The BOOSH Centre has been ended and their child’s account is closed.

The BOOSH Centre does not accept cash or cheques for payment of Fees.

The Waitlist Fee, Bond payment and first year Membership Fee are to paid directly by bank transfer:

  • The BOOSH Centre
    BSB  062113
    Account 10024841

(Please write your child’s full name in the description.)

The BOOSH Centre is a not-for-profit entity and relies on up to date payments from families to keep fees and costs low while continuing to provide the level of service families have come to expect and appreciate.

Understanding the Statement

Statements are sent to families every fortnight via email. The statement shows a child’s bookings/attendances from the past two weeks and the amount due for the upcoming two weeks bookings. The statement shows the amount to be deducted from the nominated bank account/credit card on the scheduled due date.

A failed payment fee is charged by the Financial Institution (Debitsuccess) for failed payments due to insufficient funds in the nominated bank account/credit card. This fee is not paid to The BOOSH Centre. The fees policy sets out the penalty due to The BOOSH Centre for late payments.


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