Beecroft Out Of School Hours


The BOOSH Centre operates under the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations. There are a variety of policies and procedures which outline how the centre operates and also provide information for families in regards to their rights and obligations.

Policies may be viewed at any time in BOOSH. From time to time certain policies will be available to view on this website. Parents may contact The BOOSH Centre if there are specific policies they would like available online.

    • Enrolment and Orientation Policy PDF Icon
      Enrolment and Orientation Procedures PDF Icon
      Medical-Conditions-Allergy-and-Anaphylaxis-Management Policy PDF Icon
      Medical-Conditions-Allergy-and-Anaphylaxis-Management Procedures PDF Icon
      Asthma Management Policy PDF Icon
      Asthma Management Procedures PDF Icon
      Administration-of-First-Aid Policy PDF Icon
      Administration-of-First-Aid Procedures PDF Icon
      Fees Policy PDF Icon
      Fees Procedures PDF Icon

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